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Manufacturing process

A manufacturing processing is the way a business will establish how it will be produce its product for customers.

Manufacturing process is basically complex activity against to maintain quality. We made number of tiles mixing of raw materials, clay or some mineral item’s.

Clay is used for making wall and floor tiles or some home decorative items. Always we choose good raw material and get help of technology to build product. Some of the products need to steam to get their shapes our products are ready behind using a lot of think, ideas and processing.

Product manufacturing process will be determine by consumer demand of product.

Making reach product process is different and all have their own advantage when completing a complex task

With the help of experts we maintain our manufacturing flow with including new product idea. Whenever we making our products we also following our general process to make them perfect.

preparation of clay or other raw materials : using selected clay because it help to give robustness or impervious . we never using any dangerous liquid in our materials who can harmful.

work distribution and prepare it for the frame adjustment : when preparing some raw materials in paste form or other formats our next step is to divide work on our workers and it adjust our sauce to fit in frame.
In frame of casting tiles have designs under selected shapes or colors. The method of casting is just like wheel of potter’s. casting is done with the help of clay or mud they put in the machines to get desire shapes or robustness of tiles.

burning or drying : when done casting our next step is to burning and drying products. When it get some shapes we dry them because it’s also now raw so it give to robustness or strong we burning our products with their suitable degree of heat.
Some products are not made under the burning so they are set on under shade of dry in sunlight minimum two or three days. this process help to prevent warping and cracking of tiles due to rain and sun.

give them shape or flexibility: after burning and drying we give them flexibility of their shape because yet product are not ready to use when give them some flexibility, shining, include color in products are all factor is responsible to make them usable.

installation : before it useful of users our manufacturer side installation we can do , like how much size and shapes or color are perfect of any products. Some small parts like, pipes, ball, or puncture are also unforgettable points to done with every products

when it complete for ready to usable then divide with all suitable products by their type and sizes.